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Creating Process Instruction Documents Using Task Recorder

Most daily business procedures include computer transactions, and the creation of these process instructions can be time-consuming. Using the Task Recorder tool in Dynamics AX can make this task much easier.

Here’s how to create documentation.

Navigate to the Task Recorder.

The Task Recorder control window will open.

Click the Start icon in the Task Recorder window. This starts the recording. You can now perform the function/process you want to document (record). When you want to stop the recording, open the Task Recording control window.

This will again open the Task Recorder control window. The Stop Recording icon will now be highlighted.

Click the Stop Recording icon and a dialog box opens, asking if you want to save the task.

Click Yes. This will open a dialog box asking for a task name and notes, if applicable.

The task name will be the name of the AXPI taken from the RCT.

When the information has been entered, click Save.

The Task Recorder control window will open, and the View and Maintain icon will be available.

Click the View and Maintain icon. This shows all previous task recordings you have done.

Click the Generate Document tab. This will take the task recording and generate a Word document.

Confirm you want to proceed by clicking the OK button. The dialog box will close, and the Word icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. This signals the document has been generated.

Click the Word icon to open up the Word document. This is now an editable document that can be personalized and extended to add more details and comments. When completed, it can be saved like any other Word document.

For more information about creating process instruction documents, contact BKD’s Microsoft Dynamics AX support center.

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Jesper, a senior managing consultant with BKD Technologies, has more than 25 years of experience as a technology consultant, performing software development and implementation of Microsoft solutions. He has more than 16 years of experience working with Microsoft Dynamics AX software and helps generate new opportunities through the Midwest.

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